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Art, Science, & Soap Bubbles, According to Santiago Betancur Z

Photographer and painter Santiago Betancur Z explores the intersection between science and abstract art in his photographic studies of bubbles, as well as producing life-size figure painting. In his photographs and video recordings, Betancur Z captures imagery of soap bubbles against dark backgrounds, showcasing the random kaleidoscopic color and light effects produced by the delicate spheres, and the chance allusions that occur in their surfaces, such as in Scream (2013), whose ghostly forms recall Edvard Munch’s.

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Alcohol is beautiful

A company called Bevshots has produced a series of shots of booze under the microscope at the Florida State University’s chemistry labs.

The process consist of letting a droplet of liquor dry out completely on a slide in an airtight container, and photographing the result with a 35mm camera. The entire process can take up to three months and as many as 200 attempts to properly capture the drink’s constituent parts.

1. Vodka

2. Rose

3. Tequila

4. Pina Colada

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User Interfaces of Evangelion 3.0.

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